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Money influences every aspect of our lives, from our physical wellbeing and security to emotions and relationships. Yet learning to manage our money is a topic that we just don’t learn enough about: not as kids, nor at school, and frankly, not even as adults!


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I’m a Financial Coach, NFEC-Certified Financial Educator (CFEI), and café-con-leche fanatic with a passion to help CLOSE the gap in Financial Literacy.

After more than two decades of experience working on trading floors in the USA and Europe, I felt a deep passion to create a business that would align my financial knowledge with my love of teaching and leave a legacy of goodness in the world. That is why I founded Wear Your Money Crown™ in 2020. 

My dream is to empower others to overcome their money blocks, align their financial behaviors with personal goals, make smarter financial decisions, build wealth, and take actionable steps to achieve financial freedom.

A crown represents royalty, triumph, and victory. And my goal for you is that YOU Wear Your Money Crown & Rule Your Finances! 


i'm anna


why a financial coach?

As a Financial Coach and certified Financial Educator (CFEI), I take a holistic and heart-centered approach when working with my clients. I don’t just teach about money and personal finance: I help you recognize your subconscious attitudes and beliefs about money in order to better understand the behavioral aspects that may be impacting your financial wellness. 

We then work on aligning your behaviors with your values and personal goals, as well as deep diving into your personal finances, so that you can overcome financial overwhelm, get control of your finances, and emerge with a step-by-step action plan to make your money work more efficiently and achieve long-term financial security.  

I also provide access to high-quality financial resources, tools, and the accountability needed to support you in an honest, open, and unbiased manner, as you transform your personal finances and move forward, with confidence, on your path towards financial freedom. 


if you want to...

Identify the root cause(s) of your financial challenges & transform your behaviors towards healthy long-term financial security

Build your financial knowledge and become more confident with money

Learn to better manage your debt and expenses & understand the best options to increase your savings and security

Get to grasp with complex financial jargon and learn to grow your money to achieve financial independence 

Be a positive financial role-model for your children and family

Have a teacher, guide, and accountability partner by your side, helping you set ACTIONABLE steps towards your financial goals

...then it's time to invest in yourself and your future with custom financial education and coaching!


Think about what it would be worth for you to have financial clarity and a strategy in place to help you step into your financial power! 

If you are:
• An INDIVIDUAL committed to learning and executing the actionable steps needed to rule your personal finances and increase your money-savvy skills 
• A BUSINESS wishing to provide customized financial wellness programs to your employees
• An EDUCATIONAL Institution ready to empower your students with financial literacy

Then, this is IT! Take a step towards financial empowerment by clicking below to discover our SERVICES or contact us at


Building Sold Financial Foundations


Yewande Faloyin

What was a pleasant surprise was the boxes ticked in areas I hadn’t even realised I needed or wanted. Anna really helped me get the clarity I’ve been seeking in my finances for a long time. She partnered with me to i) truly understand the mindsets driving my current financial structure ii) create a personalised way for how I think about and create my financial health goals, and iii) track clear, simple data points to keep my finances on track. The result: I feel super energised and majorly in control of my finances. Thank you, Anna! I could not recommend you enough!“

"Working with Anna has been a game-changer! Given her decades of experience, I knew she would tick the boxes in terms of providing knowledge, professionalism, and mentorship.

Tim Maudin

That’s important so that novices, like yours truly, can understand how to achieve financial independence. You owe it to yourself and also to your children’s future to schedule a discovery call with Anna. Don’t trust me. If big asset managers and insurance companies on Wall Street in both the U.S. and Europe trust Anna, you can too.”

“Anna geeks out over finances but can present financial planning information without using geek-speak.

Claudia Berghouse

This brings a lot of positivity to our sessions but also importantly, key action items for me to take away. When I was contemplating undergoing an MBA, Anna was one of my most trusted advisors to guide me through this decision and really encouraged me to come up with a budget (including various ways to finance the education) and also motivated me to perform a cost/benefit analysis, as well as an expected pay-off analysis. The guidance she was able to provide through our sessions was incredibly valuable and has given me a new perspective on how I view my finances.”

"Anna is a fantastic mentor both personally and professionally. She brings a significant amount of experience, coupled with a high level of compassion and is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I know. 

Iqbal Hussein

"Anna has the rare ability to impart her wisdom on financial affairs to mere mortals in digestible conformation... and she does so meticulously, professionally and with flair and enthusiasm!"

Karina Claudio

She makes sure that she understands the client’s needs and wants every step of the way and is able to draw from her years of professional and personal experience in the world of finance to provide the best possible advice. "

"Anna offers personalized financial advice that targets the client’s specific needs. Anna pours her heart into everything she does!

Adriana Maestas

She has a fantastic perspective from her long and successful career in finance and passion for helping others succeed, and helped me to set important goals, with easy-to-digest and manageable strategies to achieve them. Thank you, Anna!"

"I have learned so much about taking control of my finances from Anna of Wear Your Money Crown.

Montserrat Bravo

This is what Wear Your Money Crown offers: empowerment and ownership. And to me, the fact that it is led by a woman is not only inspiring but gives me a very unique perspective."

"Every day we make financial decisions, some without even realizing it. To take full responsibility and make informed decisions, we need education.

Leila Akbarian Pirnia

 Anna offers timely and relevant personal finance recommendations that help everyone achieve their personal finance goals. Plus, she's fun to work with and she puts her heart and soul into her work. Thank you, Anna!"

"Brilliant and sensible money advice from financial expert Anna Orenstein.


"Anna held me accountable to focus on my financial future.  Thanks to her patience and guidance, I started to invest in a pension and am looking forward to a more secure future.”

Jo Ingram

 Her warm and pragmatic approach, combined with phenomenal financial knowledge meant that I was able to take actionable steps to invest for my future. I feel immense relief that I'm doing the best I can for my family's
financial security - I wish I'd done this sooner!"
Thank you Anna!"

"Anna helped me evaluate my finances and opened my eyes to a long-term strategy that I had been missing.



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