Promoting financial wellness and inclusion among employees


With our passionate and holistic approach, we develop customized financial education and wellness programs for organizations, fostering care for their team(s) while driving employee engagement, retention, and inclusion.

Did you know?


The WEEKLY cost to employers due to employee financial stress (ASPPA)


of employees experience financial stress (BrightPlan)


Over 80% of people with a mental health problem say their financial problems make it worse (MMHPI)

Financially stressed employees are 5X more likely to take time off to deal with personal issues


Compared to their male counterparts, female employees are 33% more likely to experience financial stress (Champion Health)


 Individuals with debt issues are 3X more likely to have thoughts around suicide (MMHPI)

Our expertise across the U.S. and U.K. Financial Landscapes includes:

Comprehensive Personal Finance Guidance

Equipping employees with expert guidance on key personal finance pillars, fostering financial stability and confidence.

Retirement Planning Excellence

Providing valuable assistance in navigating retirement savings options and tax-efficient strategies, ensuring employees are well-prepared for their future.

Cultivating Positive Financial Behavior

Addressing the critical role of money mindset in financial management, enabling employees to make sounder financial decisions.

Leadership & Financial Wellness

Recognizing the strong connection between personal financial management and leadership effectiveness, empowering leaders to foster a culture of wellbeing & inclusion within their teams.

Optimizing Employee Benefits

Educating employees about their benefits packages, thus promoting informed decisions that benefit both individuals and the organization.

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Our programs enable organizations to cultivate a highly engaged and financially empowered workforce,  offering a multitude of benefits to all.

For Employers:

Increase in productivity & wage satisfaction

Decrease in employee absenteeism due to financial/health issues

Reduction in employee turnaround (with some reporting as much as 16% reduced turnover)

Reduction in costs (HR Admin, Social Security, National Insurance, etc)

For Employees:

Reduced financial stress

Increase in money confidence and financial decision-making

Increase in job satisfaction and productivity

Fosters a culture of care and inclusivity in the workplace


What makes us different?

Many personal finance programs tend to narrowly focus on retirement planning or just one slice of an individual's financial life, and often disregard the unique experiences of diverse individuals, particularly women and people of color.

As firm believers in the power of holistic financial wellness, we are committed to changing this narrative. 

We bridge the gap in financial inequality across cultures and deliver programs that include not only the technical aspects of managing finances but also address money mindsets, limiting beliefs, cultural factors, and the diverse experiences of individuals.

Additionally, our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in financial systems in both the U.S. and U.K., combined with our multilingual proficiency in Spanish and English gives us the special capability to craft tailored, educational, engaging, and inclusive solutions that meet the needs of the individuals and organizations that support them.

work with us

Their journey to financial empowerment

"I’m so grateful that our employer is offering a financial wellness program. 

Anna makes everything seem so much easier and less overwhelming. I already feel so much more confident after today's session and can’t wait for our next one!”

R. Gables
Senior Analyst

"I wish this training would’ve been offered to me earlier in my career so that I could have set myself up for financial success!

I learned so much without feeling defeated or overwhelmed. Definitely would recommend Anna to anyone!”

Tori G.
Content Manager

"Financial freedom suddenly seems so much more achievable!

An incredibly well-crafted and captivating MasterClass! Anna's wealth-building strategies have been invaluable and I'm eager to put them into practice."

D Higgins
VP of Marketing

"To take full responsibility and make informed decisions, we need education. This is what Wear Your Money Crown® offers: empowerment and ownership. 

M Bravo
HR Specialist

Hey, I'm Anna!

I am a bilingual (Spanish and English) Financial Coach and Certified Financial Educator (CFEI) with over two decades of experience working in senior leadership positions on the trading floors of global banks. 

My unique approach is shaped by my humble beginnings in Puerto Rico and my academic journey at MIT, where I studied Brain & Cognitive Sciences. 

Drawing from my diverse experiences, including collaborating closely with top institutional investors across continents, leading teams, and serving as a financial educator and coach with an extensive understanding of the U.S. and U.K. financial systems, I bring a wealth of knowledge and perspectives to my practice. 

Additionally, as a published children's author, I bring a unique blend of creativity to my work by infusing storytelling and imaginative techniques into the realm of finance.

“Let’s collaborate and generate tangible, measurable outcomes for your organization together!”


30-minute Financial Wellness Chat

An Opportunity to Discuss Your Individual Needs

During this 30-minute Financial Wellness Chat, we want to provide you with the opportunity to openly discuss your unique challenges and objectives with us.

That way, we can develop the most practical and effective strategies to help you and your organization reach the outcomes desired and foster financial inclusivity & wellness.


P.S. If you're unable to find a date or time that fits within your schedule, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at



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