With our passionate and holistic approach, we offer personalized guidance, training, and solutions to foster financial wellness, education, and inclusion among both students (ages 5-25) and educators.

At the Heart of Our Services...

 we empower educational institutions and faculty by providing customized financial education that meets their specific needs, thereby enabling students to embark on a transformative journey towards becoming financially savvy for long-term success.

Our expertise encompasses a variety of areas, including:

Comprehensive Personal Finance Education

Equipping students with expert guidance on financial systems and key personal finance topics to meet students current milestones.

Cash Flow Management Excellence

Providing valuable assistance in navigating goal setting, savings options, debt reduction, credit building, and wealth creation strategies, ensuring students are well-prepared for a successful future.

Cultivating Positive Financial Behavior

Addressing the critical role of money mindset and behaviors in financial management, enabling students to make sounder financial decisions.

Health & Financial Wellness

Recognizing the strong connection between personal financial management and mental health, empowering students to foster a culture of wellbeing.

Preparing for the Workforce

Educating students with essential real-life skills including salary negotiation, paycheck and taxes, employer benefits, rental contracts, CVs, and entrepreneurship to enhance their readiness for the workforce.

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Living below your means was probably the most difficult piece of advice to accept but effective enough for me to get the bigger picture. I found your advice and tips extremely helpful and plan on using them going forward in life.

J. Nelson

University Student

Research by the Money & Pensions Service reveals...

a strong connection between young people's cognitive, social-emotional skills, and their financial well-being later in life. This underscores the crucial importance of establishing strong money management skills during students' formative years, as it lays the foundation for future financial capability and resilience.

Did you know?


of American teenagers don’t feel confident in their financial knowledge. (Greenlight)


of UK students worry about money. (National Student Money Survey)


of high-schoolers feel that money management was the course that would most benefit their lives. (Moneyzine)


of students say their mental health suffers as a result of financial concerns.

What makes us different?

As firm believers in the power of holistic financial wellness, we are committed to bridging the gap in financial inequality across cultures and deliver programs that include not only the technical aspects of managing finances but also address money mindsets, limiting beliefs, cultural factors, and the diverse experiences of students.

We have comprehensive knowledge and expertise in financial systems in both the U.S. and U.K.

Our multilingual proficiency in Spanish and English gives us the special capability to craft tailored, educational, engaging, and inclusive programs that meet the needs of students and the educational institutions that support them.


student experiences

“I was nervous about my finances, but I am now excited to apply the knowledge you’ve shared in my everyday life!”

H. Murrell
College Student

“Your knowledge and expertise give young students the confidence and discipline that even we can enjoy financial prosperity. Thank you!”

R. Escoto
College Student

“I enjoyed your presentation so much! Personal finances is something I have been interested in and after listening to you, I am very much inspired!”

R. Lopez
High School Senior

“Your story really proved that where you come from doesn’t depict where you are going. Thank you for this reminder!”

T. Fissell
University Student

“Thank you for your wonderful presentation. I appreciate all the tips about ROTH accounts and savings. I will be using all the information as I soon enter the corporate world.”

m. Dweh
University Student

“I appreciate you helping us get ready for life after graduation. It made me feel more comfortable about my financial decisions.”

J. Schoening
University Student

"You make money fun!"

A. Montalvo
Elementary School Student

“I realized when you mentioned most parents don't discuss money around their children and that is exactly what happened in my household. Thank you for allowing us to feel that talking about money is healthy. I felt a lot of clarity listening to you.”

j. Williams
High School Student

“Your talk on investing definitely has me interested to look more into it on my own and to not be afraid to negotiate & network. Thank you!”

J. Pacheco
College Student

Hey, I'm Anna!

I am a bilingual (Spanish and English) Financial Coach and Certified Financial Educator (CFEI) with over two decades of experience working in senior leadership positions on the trading floors of global banks. 

My unique approach is shaped by my humble beginnings in Puerto Rico and my academic journey at MIT, where I studied Brain & Cognitive Sciences.

Drawing from my diverse experiences, including collaborating closely with top institutional investors across continents, leading teams, and serving as a financial educator and coach with an extensive understanding of the U.S. and U.K. financial systems, I offer a wealth of knowledge and a dynamic perspective to empower others in their financial journeys.

Additionally, as a published children's author, I bring a unique blend of creativity to my work by providing imaginative solutions that resonate with students and faculty, making financial education engaging, relatable, and memorable.

“Let’s collaborate and generate tangible, measurable outcomes for your students and organization together!”


College Student

I. Orozco

“From your presentation, I now know that investing is not gambling and that it is a smart decision to do early on. Thank you very much for your insights and valuable tips on how to grow our wealth!”

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During this 30-minute Financial Wellness Chat, we want to provide you with the opportunity to openly discuss your unique challenges and objectives with us.

That way, we can develop the most practical and effective strategies to help you and your organization reach the outcomes desired and foster financial inclusivity & wellness.


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